In the heart of unfolding literary narratives, there’s a compelling thread of storytelling that invites readers to consider lives beyond their own. This is no more evident than in Judith Herman’s seminal work “Trauma and Recovery.” Acting as a potent catalyst in her niche, Herman’s insightful exploration of trauma studies has gifted us with a poignant understanding of survivors’ needs and how they are repeatedly misinterpreted.

Herman’s book sparked a significant shift in trauma studies and indeed, in the broader realms of literature and storytelling. Three decades on, she has crafted a follow-up, enabling us to comprehend the evolving narrative of survivors and their latent desires. It’s a testament to the power of writing and its ability to invoke empathy, drive conversation, and promulgate change.

In much the same spirit, the India Writing Project invites storytellers, writers, and literary enthusiasts from across the nation to explore the power of their narratives. This contest beckons writers to take hold of their pens and keyboard, break through the barriers of convention and celebrate diversity in storytelling.

Like Herman, you have the power to shape consciousness, kindle conversation, and illuminate the truths as you see them. Your words have the potential to connect, inspire, and elicit thought, making a vital contribution to the dynamic world of literature.

The India Writing Project is a competition that embraces wanderings through poetry, explorations in essays, dives into articles, and forays into short stories. The contest offers a platform for talents to express themselves without age restrictions or thematic constraints. Keeping the importance of originality at its core, the project encourages submissions of unique masterpieces that haven’t been formerly published or exhibited.

While participation in the project comes with a fee, every participant is assured of a participation certificate and a constructive feedback report from a panel of accredited authors. The top three winners will have their work published in mainstream media platforms, and cash prizes are to be won, not to mention the prestige, exposure, and a chance to make your mark in the world of writing and storytelling.

So, as you read Herman’s enlightening work, let it strike a chord within you, let it inspire you to voice your thoughts, your experiences, your stories. Be a part of the India Writing Project and make your contribution to the vibrant tapestry of literature.

Source: Eren Orbey’s article on Judith Herman’s seminal book “Trauma and Recovery” on New Yorker ( served as a catalyst for this article.