“Unleash Your Literary Genius: India Writing Project Season 5 Invites You to Spark a Narrative Revolution!”

Ignite your passion for writing and literature, and join us in our quest for vibrant storytelling. The India Writing Project is back with its 5th season, inviting all those who have stories to tell, ideas to share, or thoughts to express. This contest provides a perfect platform for you to showcase your flair for the written word.

In the realm of storytelling and literature, the power of recasting and reinterpreting the past is significant. As The New Yorker aptly points out in their review of the 2023 National Book Awards Longlist, “Several works on the list mine documents from the past in order to forge new meaning.” Similarly, through our writing contest, we encourage you to delve into the depths of your experiences, your readings, or historical or cultural annals and create pieces that resonate with contemporary readers.

India Writing Project welcomes submissions of essays, poems, articles, and short stories on any topic or subject. There are no restrictions on genre or style—the canvas is yours to paint with your creativity. Whether you are a seasoned writer, an emerging author, or someone exploring the world of literature, this platform is for you. We are accepting entries until 30 October 2023, with results to be announced on 30 November 2023.

Every entry will be evaluated by an anonymous panel of renowned authors. The judges will be looking at clarity of writing, subject matter, consistency, and narrative style amongst other factors. The top three winning entries will not only receive a cash prize but also have their work published in a national daily, providing an unprecedented opportunity for exposure.

But that’s not all. Each participant will receive a verifiable e-certificate with QR codes and a personalized feedback report from our esteemed judges. This input can provide you invaluable insight into refining your craft.

While originality remains a cornerstone of this contest, in sync with the spirit of the aforementioned New Yorker article, you are welcome to mine documents from the past and sculpt them into a narrative that provides new meaning. Just ensure to keep it between 50 to 1500 words and wholly original—plagiarised content is automatically disqualified.

Fees for the contest depend on the number of entries you want to submit. For a single entry, the fee is Rs.699. For two entries, it is Rs.1249, and for three entries, Rs.1699. Remember, the slots are limited and filled on a First-Come-First-Serve basis. So, register soon and let your words weave magic.

Source of reference: The New Yorker. (2023). The 2023 National Book Awards Longlist: Nonfiction. Available at: https://www.newyorker.com/books/page-turner/the-2023-national-book-awards-longlist-nonfiction