The Visitor

-Ruthie Paul

Anyone home? Hello! 

She was met with silence. The gate was ajar and she could see the door wide open. She entered slowly, looking around. She knocked on the door frame again, peeking in. No one answered. She entered, reluctantly, and looked around. The place is a mess! She thought to herself. She walked into the kitchen hoping to make herself a cup of tea. She was tired and on a schedule, but she could use a cup of tea. 

She found a clean vessel after a little search. Then puttered around till she located the tea leaves and sugar. She opens the refrigerator looking for the milk, but one whiff and she decided on making herself some black tea. 

Humming “ While I’m waiting” she made herself some tea, strong and sweet. 

She found herself a clean beer mug, poured her cup of tea, and was off to the couch when a note under the fridge magnet caught her eye. It was scribbled in haste, with a purple sketch pen that was lying open on the kitchen counter.

“Dear opportunity, 

I’ve been waiting for you (as always) but my buddies, Desire, and Delusion DM’ed me. Just so you know, we are off pub hopping, starting at ‘Desolation drive’ and hoping to make it to ‘Desperate Dopeheads’ by dawn. I’m so excited! This is gonna be the drive of my life! 

So, just in case you drop by, make yourself at home. I’ll be back soon [don’t count on it 😉 ]



She read the note again, sighed, and sat to finish her cup of tea. Once done, she picked up the purple sketch pen and penned a note behind the very same one.

“Dear Opportunistinwaiting, 

I was here. Knocked on the door hoping to be invited in. But, just so I’d not act too pricy, I let myself in.
Waited for you. But, I’ve got to go now, a schedule to keep, more doors to knock on, more opportunities to give away to those who invite me in

Don’t know if or when I will be back next, but I did have a wonderful deal for you. Sigh, well there is always another who will accept it. 

Thanks for the tea!

She placed the note carefully under the fridge magnet and capped the sketch pen. She meticulously washed all the dishes and cups that she used for the tea, dried and replaced them. 

It was good tea, she thought to herself as she pulled the door shut. Then, closing the gate, she hurried down the street. 

She had a schedule to keep, and more doors to knock on.

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