The Nemesis -Season 3 Bonus

- Amanda Rebello

The overarching issue stems from

The absolute inundation albeit obsession With technological marvels

And information overloaded repercussions Sleep is lost over a stream of constant Slanderous allegations and dreadful news Ceaseless, a perpetual nightmare


Poor coping mechanisms Inbuilt pressure systems failing

Anger and resentment rises bubbling One by one we fall to ground Unseen battles, breathing stalls

You hold their hand clad in white Gasping for the air you took for granted


The Nemesis pondering her plan Horrific, everywhere yet nowhere

And war proceeds oblivious, destructive Homes burn bright cold and solemn Time blends as reality slips away

A week, a month, a year

Seasonal depression and colourist repression.


The endless hustle and race to win A mindset but yet a financial reality

Contagious yawns amongst awful frowns The fight for the priceless crown

Death in the stocks and student debt Leaving dents in empty pockets

So exhausted, it’s only been a day.


Dracula turns in his mythical coffin Boiling at his wings being stolen Clapping and clanging, fake solidarity

A person seeing the sun for the last time this year Comorbidities, the blame remains

We’re running out of excuses

And we see them falling, numbers rising.


Messages blur as eyes tear up Death in my hands, am I to blame Exponential growth, seasonal peaks A tiny soul, disappears from home The rain falls, drenching our souls Exhaustion overtakes the mind


Masked faces, unmasked faces, creeps.


Just an Asteroid away from annihilation Breathing our Atmos so scared

Queues breakdown as tensions simmer Apocalyptic kiss of death

Support the workers and Medicare Sans protection to wear

We entrust them with our burden to bear.


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