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We are one of India’s leading platforms for online Poetry and Creative Writing competitions. We award you in cash prizes, certificates and magazine publication.

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Season 4 of Our creative writing competition is LIVE. Submit Poems, Short-Stories, Articles, Essays and more for a chance to win Cash Prizes up to Rs. 1,10,000, Publications and more.

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Important Guidelines

  • Word Limit [Minimum: 50 Words | Maximum: 1000 (+/- 5% error margin) words]
  • Only submissions in ENGLISH will be allowed.
  • Last Day To Submit: 8th June 2023
  • After registering successfully, you will receive an e-mail (which can take up to 15 mins.) with the link to submit your work. Please make sure you check your promotions and spam box.

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The writer can submit essays, poems, articles, or short stories written on ANY topic or subject as preferred by them. There is no restriction on the same. Submissions can be written in any style and from any genre as is preferred by the writer

It is a limited slot competition and registrations will close once the slots have been filled. Thereby, there will be no last date to register.

The Last Day to Submit is 8th June 2023 and the results will be announced on the 25th of June 2023.

There is no age restriction to entering the competition. Talent doesn’t distinguish between ages, so why should we?

According to the number of submissions chosen during registration you can submit a single entry or two entries.

In case you’d like to submit more than the prescribed piece limit, you would be required to register again. You cannot submit multiple pieces within the same enrentryty or submit more than one entry/two entries (chosen while registering) with the same registration number.

You can register under the same name multiple times.

However, the contest has limited slots that would be filled on a First-Come-First-Serve basis.

The participant is allowed to submit original works that have not formerly been published or exhibited prior to the competition submission deadline. The piece of writing should be written by the participants themselves and should not be plagiarized. Any submissions found to be violating these terms shall be disqualified from the competition.

The registration fees for a:

Single Entry : Rs.599
Double Entry : Rs.999
Triple Entry : Rs.1299

The Registration fee includes participation fee for the competition as well as a GUARANTEED participation certificate and report with feedback from the judges.

No, only the winning entries will be published by IWP with the top 3 winners getting their work published in mainstream media platforms.

Why Participate?

Improve Your Writing Skills

Participating in a writing contest can help you improve your writing skills by providing an opportunity to practice writing on a given theme or topic, receive feedback from judges and other participants, and learn from their writing styles and techniques.

Gain Recognition and Exposure

By participating in the contest, you have a chance to showcase your writing talent to a wider audience, gain recognition and exposure for your work, and possibly get your work published or discovered by literary agents or publishers.

Win Prizes and Awards

India Writing Project’s writing contest offers generous prizes and awards to the winners in various categories, including cash prizes, writing mentorship, publishing opportunities, and more. These prizes not only reward your hard work but also help you invest in your writing career.

Build Your Writing Portfolio

Participating in a writing contest can help you build your writing portfolio by creating new pieces of writing that you can showcase to potential clients, employers, or publishers. It can also give you the confidence to submit your work for other writing opportunities.

Connect with Fellow Writers

The writing contest provides an opportunity to connect with other writers who share your passion for writing, exchange ideas, and form a writing community that can provide support and encouragement.

Challenge Yourself

By participating in the writing contest, you are challenging yourself to push your creative boundaries, explore new themes or genres, and test your writing skills against other talented writers. This can help you grow as a writer and develop your unique voice and style.

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We are one of India’s leading platforms for online Poetry and Creative Writing competitions. We award you in cash prizes, certificates, and magazine publication.

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