Season 6

Overall Winners

Pest Control

Grand Winner | Season 6
Author: Gayathri Sampath
Category: Fiction

Collateral Damage

1st Runner's UP | Season 6
Author: Kaustubh Nadkarni
Category: Poem

The Firefly’s Dance

2nd Runner's UP | Season 6
Author: Anila M
Category: Fiction

Category Winners | Season 6

The Price Of Poetry

Category Winner | Poem
Author: Sanjana Saksena
Season 6

She Remembers

Category Winner | Personal Expression
Author: Samra Khan
Season 6

The Masked Frequencies

Category Winner | Article
Author: Keerthi Sudarsan
Season 6

The Meadow

Category Winner | Fiction
Author: Malhar Dave
Season 6
Fireflies, Flaming Trees, and a Child

Fireflies, Flaming Trees, and a Child

Category Winner | Non-Fiction
Author: Nikhil Kumar
Season 6

Editor's Choice | Season 6

The Indefatigable Spirit

Editor's Choice
Category: Poem
Author: Purvi Jain
Season 6

Requiem for a Moon Goddess

Editor's Choice
Category: Fiction
Author: Rachvik Arora
Season 6

The Goddess of All Things

Editor's Choice
Category: Poem
Author: Aishwarya Roy
Season 6

Patient Zero : The Dominic D’Souza story

Editor's Choice
Category: Non-Fiction
Author: Arun Ghosh
Season 6


Editor's Choice
Category: Fiction
Author: Prasanna TG
Season 6

The Abandoned Bra

Editor's Choice
Category: Short Story
Author: Soumi Paul
Season 6

Abundance- The Paradox of Plenty

Editor's Choice
Category: Poem
Author: Ridhi Praveen
Season 6

Pigs’ Tale

Editor's Choice
Category: Fiction
Author: Nimal Mathew
Season 6

Elastic nature of human morality

Editor's Choice
Category: Article
Author: Nitin Kumar
Season 6

The Conjured Dreams of A Poet

Editor's Choice
Category: Poem
Author: Atharva Rewatkar
Season 6

Season 5

Top 3

The Peddler & The Crow – Lee Alexander Nolan : Grand Winner | Season 5

The Peddler & The Crow : Grand Winner | Season 5 – Lee Alexander Nolan The wooden wheels groaned with each revolution, their rhythm matching the irregular cadence of the cart’s passage over the fractured pavement. The sound was raw, unvarnished, and honest, like the brush of the elderly peddler’s

If we’re Being Honest – Vhas : Runners Up | Season 5

If we’re Being Honest : Runners Up | Season 5 – Vhas Honest (adj.) free of deceit, truthful, and sincere.“If I’m being honest, I never was.” Age 5. Your Appa is dressing you, except the poor man accidentally put your pinafore under your dress shirt, buttoned you up all wrong,

Nine Yards – Yeshaswini : 2nd Runners Up | Season 5

Nine Yards : 2nd Runners Up | Season 5 – Yeshaswini I wish to tell you a story today.One of nine yards,And the women over which it is draped,I wish to tell you the story of a country,And its daughters alike. My mother is a warrior.She is a land where

Season 5 Bonus Winners

Diagnosing Our House—Examining the Body –Parul Tayenjam : Bonus Winner | Season 5

Diagnosing Our House—Examining the Body – Parul Tayenjam : Bonus Winner | Season 5 – Parul Tayenjam Our house looks good in Sepia. It has the afterglow of a well-lived house. Its corners are dipped in algae stains, and the underside of its sunshade is darkened and whitened with mildew.

Lullaby For A Warrior – Ananya Gomatam : Bonus Winner | Season 5

Lullaby For A Warrior : Bonus Winner | Season 5 – Ananya Gomatam They speak of blood and of bone.Fickle words of promise, seemingly set in stone.Line up the sacrifices that will surely come to pass.Every breath leads them closer to their last. Manipulations and deceitFriends turn into enemies that

You Break It, You Buy It – Nyla Kunal Bajaj : Bonus Winner | Season 5

You Break It, You Buy It : Bonus Winner | Season 5 – Nyla Kunal Bajaj I was never the brightest. I only learned how to read my first words when I was seven. Till then, the world was a blur of symbols, of printed letters with no meaning, at

The Perfect Flower – Karishma Udit Chhatrapati : Bonus Winner | Season 5

The Perfect Flower : Bonus Winner | Season 5 – Karishma Udit Chhatrapati In a lifetime, it only takes a single moment to find what you’ve been searching for. The irony lies in the fact that what you’ve sought so eagerly has always been with you. Sometimes, you may feel

White Powder – Shreyashi Biswas : Bonus Winner | Season 5

White Powder : Bonus Winner | Season 5 – Shreyashi Biswas I We set out in the morning Ready for school, like any other day, Our bags were full of things we needed.Half-empty bottles of slightly-milky, slightly-salty water That no rich child in the West would touch, Dusty clothes and

Perfectly Imperfect – Seshadri Sreenivasan : Bonus Winner | Season 5

Perfectly Imperfect : Bonus Winner | Season 5 – Seshadri Sreenivasan My job demanded frequent international travel, which was a mix of exhaustion and excitement. It offered chances to forge connections and engage in remarkable business ventures, with all expenses covered by the company. So, when the chairman requested I

A Cantankerous Symphony – Diya Prakash : Bonus Winner | Season 5

A Cantankerous Symphony : Bonus Winner | Season 5 – Diya Prakash A Cantankerous Symphony What are we, But the notes of a cantankerous symphony, The Symphony of the Mortals, Of humanity. The crescendo of life, that sweeps us up To the crest of consonance Among the mind and body

Love Under The World’s Tallest Building – Harshita Nanda : Bonus Winner | Season 5

Love Under The World’s Tallest Building : Bonus Winner | Season 5 – Harshita Nanda They sat on a bench, side by side, facing the most popular attraction in the city, the world’s tallest building. A balloon seller walked by, his bunch of balloons swaying in the sky. “People assume

Suitors, Samosas, and Dowry – Niha Khalid : Bonus Winner | Season 5

Suitors, Samosas, and Dowry : Bonus Winner | Season 5 – Niha Khalid Another day, another suitor arrives, witnessing the dramatic saga of my life. They shamelessly devour the piping-hot samosas and jalebis that I painstakingly prepared for their visit, only for them to leave without care, never returning my

Silenced Screams – Niharika : Bonus Winner | Season 5

Silenced Screams : Bonus Winner | Season 5 – Niharika I was no one but a mere teenager,Conscious while my chest started to grow,Newly being told that it would now need support. I was instructed not to change in front of anyone,Told to let go of my favourite clothes,No one

Season 4

Top 3

The Lost Treasure – Purna Chakrovarty : Grand Winner | Season 4

The Lost Treasure – Grand Winner Season 4 -Purna Chakrovarty Long, lustrous, black hair adorned my back throughout my girlhood years. I was prohibited to let loose my cascade lest it attracted the evil eye. That’s what Grandma would say as she sat oiling, combing, and braiding my hair every

Non-Appétit – Leena N : 2nd Runners UP | Season 4

Non-Appétit – 2nd Runners UP | Season 4 – Leena N I wake up, and the battle begins.The world is on a carousel when I sit up. When the floor’s finally steady, I pull outthe weighing scale the unrelenting judge. My heart pounds as I step on it. Akeening noise

What i want to say before i fade – Maahi Sonpatki : 1st Runners Up | Season 4 |

What I want to say before I fade – Season 4 1st Runners Up -Maahi Sonpatki There is a person living in the notebook. An elusive creature, with snowy hair and glassy eyes. If youstare at her long enough, she shall say this- My skin is growing transparent. Your brows

Bonus Winners

Read Bonus Entries

Temptation – Hema Vaidyanathan : Bonus Winner | Season 4

Bonus Winner | Season 4 Temptation – Hema Vaidyanathan Temptation. It beckons. In the shared smile, the shared thought. I understand, itsays, and I’ll welcome you any way you are.Temptation. It waits. Sits at the table, and reaches out a hand. Scooch on over justa little, it says, join me

Hopes & Dreams’ – NITISH CHANDRA : Bonus Winner | Season 4

Bonus Winner | Season 4 ‘Hopes & Dreams’ -Nitish Chandra In the bustling metropolis of Delhi, a young lad named Ankur found himselfensconced within the confines of a corporate labyrinth. Diligently he toiled, hisdays interwoven with the ceaseless ebb and flow of mundane tasks. Yet, buriedbeneath the veneer of professional

Season 3

Top 3 Winners

Mourning – Manish, Srivastava – 3rd

Mourning – 3rd prize -Manish Srivastava How do you Mourn the Loss of a Friend? What do you do when you suddenly realize That your most trusted co-travellerWill never show up again? You were not related by bloodThere was no kinship obligation as such Yet a part of your heart

Dua – Priya Velayudhan – 2nd Winner

Dua – 2nd prize -Priya Velayudhan A birdsong filling the air with music where there had been noise. The constant clamour of my parents yelling at each other into the wee hours of the day, rising and falling like the background score of a blockbuster movie. I remembered I had

The Last Killing – Arfa Arshad – Grand Winner

The Last Killing – 1st Prize -Arfa Arshad Memory. It is something everybody prays for. I, too, pray for it, but mine never matchestheirs. While they pray for sharper memories, I cry for the everyday affairs that are etched inmy mind so deeply that no amount of time can obliterate

Bonus Winners

State Of Normality – Armaan Suhail – Season 3 Bonus

State Of Normality – Season 3 Bonus -Armaan Suhail “It’s normal.” A term we hear too often these days, in career discussions with family, in political discussions with peers or in cultural discussions online. We have become accustomed to accepting things that are “normal”. However, any individual with a sense

Misery of Past – Suhani Gupta – Season 3 Bonus

Misery of Past – Season 3 Bonus – Suhani Gupta When I was doing some research for writing this essay, I first went online and read some life-changing experiences that other people had shared. I wanted to know what it meant for others and what it did for them. Popular

India Conundrum – Shiladitya Sarkar – Season 3 Bonus

India Conundrum – Season 3 Bonus – Shiladitya Sarkar We are witnessing in the country, possibly the grimmest time in our reckoning. There is a template for success in every sphere. The one for political success is the ideal recipe for all that is baleful to superior evolution. A vortex,

A New Identity – Ujjwala Kakarla – Season 3 Bonus

A New Identity – Season 3 Bonus – Ujjwala Kakarla I felt the weather quite brumous Covered with a cloudy sky, Lightning and thundering, the pluviophile in me waited eagerly for those hidden drops, to feel that peaceful touch. The drops that poured down happen to drench the dry pond

The Nemesis – Amanda Rebello – Season 3 Bonus

The Nemesis -Season 3 Bonus – Amanda Rebello The overarching issue stems from The absolute inundation albeit obsession With technological marvels And information overloaded repercussions Sleep is lost over a stream of constant Slanderous allegations and dreadful news Ceaseless, a perpetual nightmare Poor coping mechanisms Inbuilt pressure systems failing Anger

Reaper Reaps – Ram Cobain – Season 3 Bonus

Reaper Reaps -Season 3 Bonus – Ram Cobain Death woke up different one day stared into the mirror in dismayfor like an insomniac who daily tries there were big bags under his eyes and then his cheeks began to shrink brittle blue from baby pinkhe fearfully touched his vanishing hair

Moonlight Wanes – Shaurya, Thakur – Season 3 Bonus

Moonlight Wanes -Season 3 Bonus – Shaurya, Thakur The Waning of the Moonlight Far above, The moonlight wanes. My anguish deepens as I watch the skies above with a cutting reproach. Bothered by the screaming silence of the room, I’ve set my heart on distraction. I will conjure daydream material

Veterans Day Out – Johny Paul – Season 3 Bonus

Veterans Day Out – Season 3 Bonus – Johny Paul Martha loved the soft caress of the evening autumn wind as it weaved through the maze of her auburn hair. The rhythmic rumble of her Harley engine drained out the dull hum of the tyres on the tarmac. Still full

Filter Coffee – Charulatha, C- Season 3 Bonus

Filter Coffee – Season 3 Bonus – Charulatha, C It was 5:30 am. The smell of filter coffee wafted around the kitchen. Ramya sat at the dining table, sipping her coffee from a steel tumbler, cherishing every moment of the short-lived peace and solitude. Within some time, she would be

True Faith – Subhash, Giddaluri – Season 3 Bonus

True Faith – Season 3 Bonus – Subhash, Giddaluri The whole village had come together in a procession to watch her daughter drown. Doused in holy colors, wearing garlands, Parvati felt as though they were sacrificial lambs. It was all she could do not to tear up, but she couldn’t;

Season 2

Top 3 Winners

The Visitor – Ruthie Paul S2 3rd

The Visitor -Ruthie Paul Anyone home? Hello!  She was met with silence. The gate was ajar and she could see the door wide open. She entered slowly, looking around. She knocked on the door frame again, peeking in. No one answered. She entered, reluctantly, and looked around. The place is a mess!

The Childhood – Pallavi Krishna Kasala S2 2nd

The Childhood -Pallavi Krishna Kasala The games we played when youngAngry neighbour aunty’s face when her doorbell rungSilly fights we picked on friendsThe innumerable toffee spendsMoney that got stolen from dad’s pocketsWhiskey bottles to send Diwali rocketsHolidays that got immense joyFallen grades only make you cryGrandparents who pampered youFear of

Thirteen – Sampurna Pal S2 1st

Thirteen -Sampurna Pal When I woke up, the sun was setting with a dark orange hue on the horizon. I don’t even remember when I had fallen asleep. I was in a somewhat familiar environment: I was back home. I shivered while getting out of the cozy blanket and looked

Bonus Winners

Why do we have Left-wing and Right-wing as the only two political choices?*** S2 Bonus

Why do we have Left-wing and Right-wing as the only two political choices? – S2 Bonus Winner -Abhishek Mittal One of the modern world’s most bitterly fought battles is the constant contestation between ‘Left-wing’ and ‘Right-wing’. Today, most of our political debates and economic discussions revolve around these broad ideologies

Gurutwakarshan S2 Bonus

Gurutwakarshan -Varsha Mudlapur Magua ki neend roz ki tarah apni ma ki daant sun kar tooti. Wo zameen pe kabhi ek taraf ko palte kabhidusri taraf ko or uski har palat ke saath Ma ki awaaz or tez hoti jaaye. Neend khulne pe Magua ka pet bhizor se gudgudaane lagta.

गठरी की मुक्ति​ S2 Bonus

गठरी की मुक्ति -Varsha Mudlapur

The Scar – Varsha Mudlapur S2 Bonus

The Scar -Varsha Mudlapur Akka is going to kill me today, thought Anjamma, as she hurried along the muddy path. Theafternoon sun was beating down on her like a ball of fire. She covered her head with her sareepallu, but it did little to protect her from the heat. She

New Girl – Mahalakshmi Iyer S2 Bonus

New Girl -Mahalakshmi Iyer She was the quintessential new girl. Starkly attractive, clear skin, crisp uniform, shined shoes –like she’d been sterilized and wrapped in Saran wrap; untouchable. Flawless.She even had a fancy name to match – Tara Kapoor.A star that shone brightest in the vast expanse of our assembly

Satisfaction Is Not Satisfying -Pallavi Krishna Kasala S2 Bonus

Satisfaction Is Not Satisfying -Pallavi Krishna Kasala If the book of life was all about being happy,and every page tasted like a vibrant candy.If every chapter read of success stories,and all its colors were a resemblance of myriad glories.If love was all that prevailed,and hatred none exhaled.If happiness knew no

A Basket Full Of Mangoes -Subhadeep Ghosal S2 Bonus

A Basket Full Of Mangoes -Subhadeep Ghosal The corridor of the surgical ward has only windowIts broken hinges rattle when the winds blow I walk to the window to put the clangs on latchI am hit by the dust of a stormy dispatch A mango tree sways as the wind

Routine -Charles Francis S2 Bonus

Routine -Charles Francis I’m special because,You don’t seek my permission.I’m special because,I don’t need your submission.I’m special because,I don’t judge or ask.I’m special because,Loving me is not your task.I’m special because,I am ordinary, I am mild.You can be random,You can be a child.But often I ask,This person that I’ve been.Will

The Appointment Letter…​ -Bhalachandra Patwardhan S2 Bonus

The Appointment Letter… -Bhalachandra Patwardhan Date: 01st June 2022   Dear Sharayu S Patwardhan, Congratulations!! We are delighted to inform you that you have been successfullypromoted to a new position in your life, to your second innings.   We are pleased to inform you that, your efforts all these years

Can I…One Last Time?​ – Savita S S2 Bonus

Can I…One Last Time? -Savita S I stood afar, dumbstruck with tears of joy –You were just out of your mother’s womb.Your hands and legs were so little, and your tiny finger pointing at me looked like you passed me an order tocome closer.I couldn’t resist. Shaking like a leaf,

Season 1

Top 3 Winners

The Town Bus – Manasa Mahalakshmi A

The Town Bus – Manasa Mahalakshmi A Register For Season 2 Being called an inspiration is quite different from being one. Little did Maanvi know that her reputation as an “inspiration” would be put to the test, even before the flush of success faded from her cheeks. It was a

Shanti – Nandini Khanna

Shanti – Nandini Khanna Register For Season 2 The thunderous boom shattered his eardrums. One moment the ground was steady under his feet, and the next it was not. A flash of red, blood flooding his vision, voices calling out in despair, everything spinning, spinning, spinning… The plaque on the

UNWISE – Farah P Jiandani

UNWISE – Farah P Jiandani Register For Season 2 Unsettled, unnerved, uncertain, The anxiety, like a lump In my throat. Not knowing where to start, Not knowing where it’ll end, Not knowing if this Is what i want, Not knowing how life will make me bend. We’re supposed to be

Bonus Winners

Wake Me Up When It’s Over​ – Animesh Rath

Wake Me Up When It’s Over -Animesh Rath “Hey. Will have to stay back. Another shift. Much Love. M.”“Hey. Had Dinner. Will sleep. Come back soon. Sanitize your coat and clothes in the otherroom. Have kept the geyser on. Stay safe. Love ya. P”. “Read 02/05/2021, 19:30” He could see

The Sphinx – Gargi Sengupta

The Sphinx -Gargi sengupta “The Sphinx is the riddle, not the riddler.”― George R.R. Martin, A Feast for Crows She took a languorous sip of tea from the large mug. The hot fluid burnt the tip of her tongue.She paid no attention. A smile played on her lips. The last

Unhindered, Unaltered, Unapologetic me – Geetika Dubey

Unhindered, Unaltered, Unapologetic me -Geetika Dubey It starts when we’re younger, this question is usually “who you wanna be?”. It comes from the “grown ups”, daily questioning their own identity. Here I present a picture of my hallucinated canopy, A dark place no doubt still marinated in light and ivory.

Lift Agya – Shiori

Lift Agya1 -Shiori Chan At someone’s shegu2, a few of us had gathered around making small talk. In the most nonsequitur manner, the small talk ended up resulting in a story-telling session. Our topic- Death.It seemed uncomfortably ungracious but strangely fitting to be talking about death at a shegu;and we

An Evening Tea Ritual – Anish Sah

An Evening Tea Ritual – Anish Sah The Wild Side There is a wild side to the downing sun, best viewed over a sip of rich, aromatic, mud-shaded tea, served in a ceramic cup. This is a brief, rapid phase: the azure blue sky of dawn, after taking an extensive

ROSSA – Diya Shah

ROSSA -Diya Shah Red. The color of passionate love, seduction, violence & anger. The color that shows up inone’s flushed cheeks. The color that oozes out of a wound. The color tastes metallic whencomes in contact with the tip of the tongue. Oh, the tingles you feel, make you crave

Forming Belief Systems in Contemporary World: Seeking Wisdom in Contradictions – Farhan Shaikh

Forming Belief Systems in Contemporary World: Seeking Wisdom in Contradictions – Farhan Shaikh Nestled somewhere in high altitude terrains of several thousand feet, the unbearable hydrothermal environment of volcanic lakes provides stirring clues to the eternal question of how life began on Earth. The synergistic possibilities of fire and water

Battlefield – Tanaya Singh

Battlefield -Tanaya Singh When I finally had something to write an open letter about, I was told that thepractice is cliché now.That such letters – embracing sarcasm, anger, love, and intentions, don’t go viralanymore.Especially if you have a letter addressed to the makers and advertisers of skinwhitening and fairness products.

मैं बीच मे खड़ा हूँ – Nitish Chandra

मैं बीच मे खड़ा हूँ – Nitish Chandra

कला – Supaarsh Jain

कला – Supaarsh Jain