Reaper Reaps -Season 3 Bonus

- Ram Cobain

Death woke up different one day
stared into the mirror in dismay
for like an insomniac who daily tries
there were big bags under his eyes
and then his cheeks began to shrink
brittle blue from baby pink
he fearfully touched his vanishing hair
and the shiny skull spots birthing there
new wrinkles started to speedily cut in
like a familiar scythe ripping through skin
his proud pearly whites next fell loose
brown and useless like yesterday’s news
now his eyesight dimmed and blurred
like two spoonfuls of cataract stirred
next, he heard a laugh but wasn’t sure
as his eardrums ruptured beyond cure
like an emperor bowed without a crown
his knees gave way, and he crumbled down
and like a shower of sudden summer rain
his trousers burst into a yuck yellow stain
as his chest started to rattle, splutter, and give

he shrieked a gasp, “I want to live.”


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