Pigs’ Tale
Editor's Choice
Category: Fiction
Author: Nimal Mathew
Season 6

Tobey, his hands stained with fresh blood, beckons Siya to fetch a bottle of whisky. While he scrubs away the crimson stains from his boots and gun, Siya returns with the sought-after bottle.

“Today’s catch was pitiful,” Tobey grumbles, “Take it home as pay for your day’s toil.” He hands over a blood-soaked sack. Siya smiles, signals his departure, dons his cap, and makes his exit. “Tell Bella to prep some veggies for me for tomorrow” Siya instructs. Tobey nods.

The town bustles with its evening frenzy. Tobey, swigging from his whisky, starts his journey homeward.

En route, his eyes lock onto a piglet frolicking near the roadside. Tobey halts, grinning like a predator who’s cornered his prey. The piglet scurries back into the bushes, only to reemerge with its kin in tow. Both piglets approach Tobey, snuffling and making soft sounds. He caresses them, and they respond with a chorus of oinks.

Tobey takes the piglets into his arms and continues his trek. Tobey chuckles as the piglets nuzzle him.

His daughter, Bella, engrossed in planting a tomato sapling in her garden, spots her father with the piglets and runs to greet them. She takes the piglets from Tobey, sets them down, and plays with them. Laughter spills from her lips as the piglets shower her with affection.

Upon arrival home, Tobey directs Bella to bring the piglets inside. He tidies his gun and boots, cleans his face, and retrieves a rectangular butcher knife from the kitchen.

“Place them on the butcher’s block, side by side,” Tobey orders. Bella, her eyes brimming with sorrow, implores her father not to harm the piglets, pledging to care for them herself.

“Set them on the block,” Tobey insists. Bella does as she’s told, tearfully begging her father not to slaughter the piglets. She clings to his legs.

Touched by his daughter’s emotions, Tobey relents. Bella releases the piglets, and she serves her father the mushroom vegetable soup that she prepared. Tobey washes it down with a gulp of whisky before succumbing to a deep slumber.

Bella, after a warm bath for the piglets and a hearty meal, plays with them until they drift off to sleep.

Tobey awakens to the report of a gunshot. Bella stands, with the gun in her hands, the lifeless piglets sprawled near her devastated garden. Carrots and tomatoes lay uprooted and trampled.

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