Moonlight Wanes -Season 3 Bonus

- Shaurya, Thakur

The Waning of the Moonlight

Far above,

The moonlight wanes.

My anguish deepens as I watch the skies above with a cutting reproach.

Bothered by the screaming silence of the room, I’ve set my heart on distraction.

I will conjure daydream material to seek respite from the nightmares, Approaching and at hand, scurrying around the room.

I race my mind to search for the calming presence, In a moment so bleak.


All I see are harrowing portrayals of grief. Faces plunged into despair.

A fool’s errand, this search, brings us back to square one.


I take a brief yet frightful trip back to the sight of the moonlight. Pressing my face against the window glass,

Gaze set upon it with a cosmic fury!

One that strikes the fear and pain of a dagger being thrust into the flesh! I apply more strength, for I believe.

Even the most gruesome is prone to displays of intense passion. I keep gazing as if I hope to uncover a secret,

The final solution to my uneasiness.

Alas! The window shudders.

And the curtains produce a loud, rustling hush. My soul is battered,

As I’m pushed into a cesspool of overwhelming emotions. The facade of my bravery has been blown to smithereens. Now cornered, I can hear the wild beating of my heart And feel the gunk at the corner of my eye.

A shadow cascades,

Engulfing my surroundings, In its tyrannical mayhem. The darkness becomes darker,

Nothing remains.


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