Lullaby For A Warrior : Bonus Winner | Season 5

– Ananya Gomatam

They speak of blood and of bone.
Fickle words of promise, seemingly set in stone.
Line up the sacrifices that will surely come to pass.
Every breath leads them closer to their last.

Manipulations and deceit
Friends turn into enemies that we have yet to meet.
Smoke descends like an avalanche of sorrow.
How dare you hope for tomorrow?

Unleashing destruction for just a name,
Liberated puppets are playing a dangerous game.
Here, relationships rot and turn to dust.
And bullets break through bonds of loyalty and trust.

A true test of brotherhood,
Going places where no one else would.
No man’s land never sounded so sweet before.
A place to escape from these bangs and gore.

Disguises and masks are now honed.
We all live in houses that were once homes.
People inside cling to shreds of normalcy.
And a firmly fragile sense of being free.

Revolutions, revelations,
Mounting levels of anger and frustration,
A transformation, souring and turning the soul,
Leaving only fragments of the whole.

No one is too young to die.
When the blood moon rises in the sky.
War comes riding its skeletal horse,
The bell cracks with every loss.

When death is but a boon,
And forever ends too soon.
Rest your eyes and sleep, my dear.
In my arms, you have nothing to fear.

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