Temptation – Hema Vaidyanathan : Bonus Winner | Season 4

Bonus Winner | Season 4 Temptation – Hema Vaidyanathan Temptation. It beckons. In the shared smile, the shared thought. I understand, itsays, and I’ll welcome you any way you are.Temptation. It waits. Sits at the table, and reaches out a hand. Scooch on over justa little, it says, join me on this side.Temptation. It sees. […]

Hopes & Dreams’ – NITISH CHANDRA : Bonus Winner | Season 4

Bonus Winner | Season 4 ‘Hopes & Dreams’ -Nitish Chandra In the bustling metropolis of Delhi, a young lad named Ankur found himselfensconced within the confines of a corporate labyrinth. Diligently he toiled, hisdays interwoven with the ceaseless ebb and flow of mundane tasks. Yet, buriedbeneath the veneer of professional success, Ankur’s heart yearned for […]