Mourning – Manish, Srivastava – 3rd

Mourning – 3rd prize -Manish Srivastava How do you Mourn the Loss of a Friend? What do you do when you suddenly realize That your most trusted co-travellerWill never show up again? You were not related by bloodThere was no kinship obligation as such Yet a part of your heart knowsA portal of happiness has […]

Dua – Priya Velayudhan – 2nd Winner

Dua – 2nd prize -Priya Velayudhan A birdsong filling the air with music where there had been noise. The constant clamour of my parents yelling at each other into the wee hours of the day, rising and falling like the background score of a blockbuster movie. I remembered I had been thankful for the The […]

The Last Killing – Arfa Arshad – Grand Winner

The Last Killing – 1st Prize -Arfa Arshad Memory. It is something everybody prays for. I, too, pray for it, but mine never matchestheirs. While they pray for sharper memories, I cry for the everyday affairs that are etched inmy mind so deeply that no amount of time can obliterate them.“Grandma, look at that!” As […]