State Of Normality – Armaan Suhail – Season 3 Bonus

State Of Normality – Season 3 Bonus -Armaan Suhail “It’s normal.”   A term we hear too often these days, in career discussions with family, in political discussions with peers or in cultural discussions online. We have become accustomed to accepting things that are “normal”. However, any individual with a sense of self greater than […]

Misery of Past – Suhani Gupta – Season 3 Bonus

Misery of Past – Season 3 Bonus – Suhani Gupta When I was doing some research for writing this essay, I first went online and read some life-changing experiences that other people had shared. I wanted to know what it meant for others and what it did for them. Popular choices included conquering a fear, […]

India Conundrum – Shiladitya Sarkar – Season 3 Bonus

India Conundrum – Season 3 Bonus – Shiladitya Sarkar We are witnessing in the country, possibly the grimmest time in our reckoning. There is a template for success in every sphere. The one for political success is the ideal recipe for all that is baleful to superior evolution. A vortex, sucking morality to lowest levels. […]

A New Identity – Ujjwala Kakarla – Season 3 Bonus

A New Identity – Season 3 Bonus – Ujjwala Kakarla I felt the weather quite brumous Covered with a cloudy sky, Lightning and thundering, the pluviophile in me waited eagerly for those hidden drops, to feel that peaceful touch. The drops that poured down happen to drench the dry pond I was sitting by. Still […]

The Nemesis – Amanda Rebello – Season 3 Bonus

The Nemesis -Season 3 Bonus – Amanda Rebello The overarching issue stems from The absolute inundation albeit obsession With technological marvels And information overloaded repercussions Sleep is lost over a stream of constant Slanderous allegations and dreadful news Ceaseless, a perpetual nightmare   Poor coping mechanisms Inbuilt pressure systems failing Anger and resentment rises bubbling […]

Reaper Reaps – Ram Cobain – Season 3 Bonus

Reaper Reaps -Season 3 Bonus – Ram Cobain Death woke up different one day stared into the mirror in dismayfor like an insomniac who daily tries there were big bags under his eyes and then his cheeks began to shrink brittle blue from baby pinkhe fearfully touched his vanishing hair and the shiny skull spots […]

Moonlight Wanes – Shaurya, Thakur – Season 3 Bonus

Moonlight Wanes -Season 3 Bonus – Shaurya, Thakur The Waning of the Moonlight Far above, The moonlight wanes. My anguish deepens as I watch the skies above with a cutting reproach. Bothered by the screaming silence of the room, I’ve set my heart on distraction. I will conjure daydream material to seek respite from the […]

Veterans Day Out – Johny Paul – Season 3 Bonus

Veterans Day Out – Season 3 Bonus – Johny Paul Martha loved the soft caress of the evening autumn wind as it weaved through the maze of her auburn hair. The rhythmic rumble of her Harley engine drained out the dull hum of the tyres on the tarmac. Still full of life, orange-yellow pines flanked […]

Filter Coffee – Charulatha, C- Season 3 Bonus

Filter Coffee – Season 3 Bonus – Charulatha, C   It was 5:30 am. The smell of filter coffee wafted around the kitchen. Ramya sat at the dining table, sipping her coffee from a steel tumbler, cherishing every moment of the short-lived peace and solitude. Within some time, she would be screaming – ‘Wake up, […]

True Faith – Subhash, Giddaluri – Season 3 Bonus

True Faith – Season 3 Bonus – Subhash, Giddaluri The whole village had come together in a procession to watch her daughter drown. Doused in holy colors, wearing garlands, Parvati felt as though they were sacrificial lambs.   It was all she could do not to tear up, but she couldn’t; she had to be […]