The Appointment Letter...

-Bhalachandra Patwardhan

Date: 01st June 2022
Dear Sharayu S Patwardhan,
Congratulations!! We are delighted to inform you that you have been successfully
promoted to a new position in your life, to your second innings.
We are pleased to inform you that, your efforts all these years right from the birth of
the small Patwardhan family to its growth as of today has paid off, and now you
shall be handling all the non-household-related work stuff.
We are very happy to see your personal growth as well, the way you have handled
things in the past few years of turmoil, pain, suffering, the saddest moments
and have eventually overcome them with smiles and happy moments.
We at Patwardhan Bros. inc are very grateful for your constant and untiring efforts
and hardships that have made us what we are today.
We also acknowledge the contribution made by the founder members of this
corporation, the building blocks being the late Mr.Krishna Rao Patwardhan, Mrs.
Vasantika Patwardhan and Mr. Shripad Patwardhan.
Although it seems as though there is a dearth of founder members in our current
the company, but with you along by our sides, we are confident enough that you alone
would be more than enough to handle us and guide us to go further ahead in our
future and be successful.
So from here on, there will be a slight change to your daily curriculum, since now we
(me and Vicky) will be in charge of what you are supposed to be doing and what you
aren’t supposed to.
We know how much you enjoy praying to God and reciting prayer songs in your
sweet voice, so we would allow you to continue that (*conditions apply: but thoda
time Bhagwan ko bhi relax karnedo aur aap bhi relax karo).
Certain chores need to be done very strictly at your new job and are totally
non-negotiable :
 1: eat on time and eat healthy (pizza, and ice cream can be allowed sometimes)
 2: take all your meds on time and have a regular checkup (whenever your son asks
you too)
 3: do your daily exercises and yoga regularly (*mandatory)
4: don’t take too much burden upon the other household chores like cleaning,
washing dishes, clothes, etc, etc. (we are here to look after it)
5: spend whatever time you like how much ever you like for timepass like reading a
book, watch a movie (presumably on a bigger tv screen now *courtesy of Vicky’s
Amazon orders)
6: don’t hesitate to talk to us about any issue be it important, or non-important, since we
exist because of you and you mean us more than anything in this world.
7: and if possible calm down a bit if possible (*point added by Vicky) so that you can
decrease your stress levels and be hale, hearty, and happy always.
8: and if possible be lighter upon the matter regarding the marriage of the elder son
(*point added by me of course)
Before, we discuss the remuneration associated, we at Patwardhan Bros. inc
would like to apologize to you for all these years (especially me, Bhalachandra).
• We apologize since we assumed that taking care of the family, doing all the
household chores, and taking good care of the health of the family were all a
mother’s job which isn’t actually.
• We apologize for the thousand many times we must have had arguments and
it must have felt disrespectful to you, which we never intended to do in the first
• We apologize for the many hundred times we must have said no to your
orders, requests, etc.
• We apologize for not waking up early (*both in the literal and metaphorical
sense- kyunki aaj bhi hum Subha Jaldi nahi uth sakte) to recognizing your
efforts and rewarding you, giving what you deserve.
So better late than never, we are still happy that senses came to our minds, and we
wouldn’t delay to make this decision and announce you officially as the new CEO of
the Patwardhan Bros. inc corporation.
The remuneration attached to this post is just a mere number since we know, your
efforts in building this company are all priceless and can never be compensated
in monetary terms.

You are the CEO, so technically you are in charge of all the finances earned by our
employees, but we hope, this small token of a gift from us (which you’ll receive every
month) will make you more happier and smiling as you always have been.
So, Mrs. Anjali (aka Sharayu, *somehow I like calling you Anjali, maa), we look
forward for you to handle this position and would await to listen to your further orders
and decisions to take our corporation to new heights.
Your offer letter is available in the package of the asset we are sending to your

Follow the instructions given below to accept your offer letter :
1. You will be provided with your ID card in the asset.
2. Use all the assets things that have been sent to you in the package.
3. Your first month’s salary is been given in the form of cash with the asset.
4. Accept the asset package from the delivery executive to confirm the offer.
5. The monthly remuneration would be expected to increase (at its rate as
decided by you, and not by us or the economic policies)

We will be in touch with you to keep you with the latest happenings at
PATWARDHAN Pvt Ltd house, looking forward to hearing from you soon.

For inquiry please contact 9008 960 985 or 9739 233 133.
Warm regards.

Mr. Bhalachandra Patwardhan
Mr. Vivek Patwardhan

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