“Awaken Your Inner Storyteller: Unleash Your Creativity with the India Writing Project”

Fostering creativity and providing a platform for budding writers, poets, and storytellers, the India Writing Project is a unique literary competition bringing together a community of passionate authors. Participants from all walks of life embody the spirit of literature, crafting pieces adorned with their unique styles and narratives. This is your chance to let your literary voice echo through the corridors of the vast Indian literature community.

Whether it be an essay, poem, article, or short story, writers are given the freedom to scribble down their thoughts on any topic under the vast sky of their imagination. Ground-breaking entries from previous seasons have explored an array of subjects, transcending the constructs of genres, and providing the canvas for your creativity to truly flourish.

Inspiration to weave enchanting tales can emerge from anywhere. In her novel “Still Born,” esteemed author Guadalupe Nettel blurred the lines between family members and strangers, providing an intriguing perspective on familial relationships. This level of unique storytelling is what the India Writing Project encourages. We’re inviting you to blur the lines, bend the norms, and tell the story that only you can.

The contest is designed with flexibility in mind, accommodating single, double, or even triple entries as per your convenience. This is your chance to put forth your storytelling abilities, receive valuable feedback from our panel of experts, and potentially see your work published in mainstream media platforms!

The India Writing Project is a testament to the vibrancy and diversity of the Indian writing and literature community. The contest offers an opportunity to engage with a like-minded community, hone your writing skills under the scrutiny of accredited authors, and potentially win cash prizes!

Participating in the India Writing Project equals not just a chance to win, but also an opportunity to grow. Along with a guaranteed participation certificate, each participant receives a detailed feedback report offering insights into their writing that can only propel them further into their literary journey.

The India Writing Project invites you to become a part of this literary celebration. Are you ready to script your success? The last day to submit your entries is 30th October, 2023 for Season 5. So, pick up your pens or open your laptops, and let your stories find their voice.

Article source: Jessica Winter, The New Yorker – “What Makes A Mother” (https://www.newyorker.com/books/page-turner/what-makes-a-mother)