The Visitor – Ruthie Paul S2 3rd

The Visitor -Ruthie Paul Anyone home? Hello!  She was met with silence. The gate was ajar and she could see the door wide open. She entered slowly, looking around. She knocked on the door frame again, peeking in. No one answered. She entered, reluctantly, and looked around. The place is a mess! She thought to herself. She […]

The Childhood – Pallavi Krishna Kasala S2 2nd

The Childhood -Pallavi Krishna Kasala The games we played when youngAngry neighbour aunty’s face when her doorbell rungSilly fights we picked on friendsThe innumerable toffee spendsMoney that got stolen from dad’s pocketsWhiskey bottles to send Diwali rocketsHolidays that got immense joyFallen grades only make you cryGrandparents who pampered youFear of ghosts was always trueWhite polish […]

Thirteen – Sampurna Pal S2 1st

Thirteen -Sampurna Pal When I woke up, the sun was setting with a dark orange hue on the horizon. I don’t even remember when I had fallen asleep. I was in a somewhat familiar environment: I was back home. I shivered while getting out of the cozy blanket and looked through the glass window that oversaw the icy, […]

Battlefield – Tanaya Singh

Battlefield -Tanaya Singh When I finally had something to write an open letter about, I was told that thepractice is cliché now.That such letters – embracing sarcasm, anger, love, and intentions, don’t go viralanymore.Especially if you have a letter addressed to the makers and advertisers of skinwhitening and fairness products. But you see, all I […]

The Town Bus – Manasa Mahalakshmi A

The Town Bus – Manasa Mahalakshmi A Register For Season 2 Being called an inspiration is quite different from being one. Little did Maanvi know that her reputation as an “inspiration” would be put to the test, even before the flush of success faded from her cheeks. It was a hot afternoon. Maanvi sighed and […]

Shanti – Nandini Khanna

Shanti – Nandini Khanna Register For Season 2 The thunderous boom shattered his eardrums. One moment the ground was steady under his feet, and the next it was not. A flash of red, blood flooding his vision, voices calling out in despair, everything spinning, spinning, spinning… The plaque on the wall stared at Colonel Balbir […]

UNWISE – Farah P Jiandani

UNWISE – Farah P Jiandani Register For Season 2 Unsettled, unnerved, uncertain, The anxiety, like a lump In my throat. Not knowing where to start, Not knowing where it’ll end, Not knowing if this Is what i want, Not knowing how life will make me bend. We’re supposed to be In the same boat, And […]