Why do we have Left-wing and Right-wing as the only two political choices?*** S2 Bonus

Why do we have Left-wing and Right-wing as the only two political choices? – S2 Bonus Winner -Abhishek Mittal One of the modern world’s most bitterly fought battles is the constant contestation between ‘Left-wing’ and ‘Right-wing’. Today, most of our political debates and economic discussions revolve around these broad ideologies and the ideas embodied within […]

Gurutwakarshan S2 Bonus

Gurutwakarshan -Varsha Mudlapur Magua ki neend roz ki tarah apni ma ki daant sun kar tooti. Wo zameen pe kabhi ek taraf ko palte kabhidusri taraf ko or uski har palat ke saath Ma ki awaaz or tez hoti jaaye. Neend khulne pe Magua ka pet bhizor se gudgudaane lagta. Ab Ma agar chup bhi […]

The Scar – Varsha Mudlapur S2 Bonus

The Scar -Varsha Mudlapur Akka is going to kill me today, thought Anjamma, as she hurried along the muddy path. Theafternoon sun was beating down on her like a ball of fire. She covered her head with her sareepallu, but it did little to protect her from the heat. She was craving some Pepsi straight […]

New Girl – Mahalakshmi Iyer S2 Bonus

New Girl -Mahalakshmi Iyer She was the quintessential new girl. Starkly attractive, clear skin, crisp uniform, shined shoes –like she’d been sterilized and wrapped in Saran wrap; untouchable. Flawless.She even had a fancy name to match – Tara Kapoor.A star that shone brightest in the vast expanse of our assembly hall, unperturbed by the attentionit […]

Satisfaction Is Not Satisfying -Pallavi Krishna Kasala S2 Bonus

Satisfaction Is Not Satisfying -Pallavi Krishna Kasala If the book of life was all about being happy,and every page tasted like a vibrant candy.If every chapter read of success stories,and all its colors were a resemblance of myriad glories.If love was all that prevailed,and hatred none exhaled.If happiness knew no boundaries,and sorrows were drowned in […]

A Basket Full Of Mangoes -Subhadeep Ghosal S2 Bonus

A Basket Full Of Mangoes -Subhadeep Ghosal The corridor of the surgical ward has only windowIts broken hinges rattle when the winds blow I walk to the window to put the clangs on latchI am hit by the dust of a stormy dispatch A mango tree sways as the wind croonThe leaves wave on the […]

Routine -Charles Francis S2 Bonus

Routine -Charles Francis I’m special because,You don’t seek my permission.I’m special because,I don’t need your submission.I’m special because,I don’t judge or ask.I’m special because,Loving me is not your task.I’m special because,I am ordinary, I am mild.You can be random,You can be a child.But often I ask,This person that I’ve been.Will I still be special?When special […]

The Appointment Letter…​ -Bhalachandra Patwardhan S2 Bonus

The Appointment Letter… -Bhalachandra Patwardhan Date: 01st June 2022   Dear Sharayu S Patwardhan, Congratulations!! We are delighted to inform you that you have been successfullypromoted to a new position in your life, to your second innings.   We are pleased to inform you that, your efforts all these years right from the birth ofthe […]

Can I…One Last Time?​ – Savita S S2 Bonus

Can I…One Last Time? -Savita S I stood afar, dumbstruck with tears of joy –You were just out of your mother’s womb.Your hands and legs were so little, and your tiny finger pointing at me looked like you passed me an order tocome closer.I couldn’t resist. Shaking like a leaf, I walked up to you.I […]