Abundance- The Paradox of Plenty
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Category: Poem
Author: Ridhi Praveen
Season 6

The connotation of the word ‘abundance’ may differ,
for you and me.
You wish abundance for the people you love,
your desires yearn to be fulfilled in its blessing.
My heart quivers with fear – in abundance of abundance.

Don’t wish abundance upon me, it often overwhelms my being,
even if it’s a prayer for me as your dear, the weight shall splinter my dreams.

We share a common source of inspiration with our goals,
twinkles in our eyes shimmer with the same hope.
You pick your choice and stride towards victory,
while I sit on the field paralyzed,
by a multitude of possibilities around me.

I will not open the Pandora’s box as it is the place where abundance hides,
it screams from the box, ensnaring me within the midst of my internal war.

We are not that different,
you and I,
desire for glory and grandeur seeks us both.
You see the grandeur for its opulence and girth,
I see a peculiar monster which will engulf me as a whole.

Abundance of ideas is your blessing, and a curse I defy.
A sky full of clouds signals the arrival of an impending storm.

My heart quivers with fear – in the abundance of abundance,
the side full of possibilities is not the brighter one.
Remember how Sir Ralph the Rover weathered the storm,
only to be greeted by the devil’s knell when he touched the ground.
In his excessive pursuit of dreams, his tale became a cautionary theme.

My mind fears the unknown,
it fears it in abundance.

Your choice to seek it is a power only for the resilient.
I’m wary of choosing abundance as the choices are in abundance,
the wrong choice will veer my path.
Courage lies defeated to question the fallacy,
abundance is a gift for your friend, but a distorted mirror that makes me my own enemy.

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