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Empowering Voices, Inspiring Creativity

"Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with shades of deeper meaning."
-Maya Angelou

Every day, a new writer awakens, stirred by their unique muses. Be it a child entranced by the whimsical world of Roald Dahl, a corporate worker sketching fantastical escapes from daily monotony, a teenager falling head over heels for literature, a mother chronicling life’s hurdles or a heartbroken poet seeking solace in verse.

At the India Writing Project, we’re on a relentless quest to discover, nurture, and champion these blossoming talents. Our mission? To cultivate a safe, unbiased platform that acknowledges and rewards writers across India.

Who Are We?

India Writing Project is the cornerstone of literary expression, creativity, and discovery in India. As we enter another exciting year of the competition, we proudly reflect on our journey, having awarded a total of ₹10,40,000 in prizes to our talented participants. With each passing season, the quality and depth of submissions enhance, demonstrating the powerful impact of written word across diverse communities.

Our mission is ambitious yet straightforward: to unearth and nurture the voices of tomorrow, providing a vibrant platform for writers of all ages and backgrounds. The India Writing Project believes that everyone has a story worth telling. Through our platform, we aim to convert the silent whispers of budding writers into loud echoes that resonate across the nation and beyond.

Season after season, we’ve awarded over 5,000 certificates and reviewed approximately 3,500,000 words submitted by participants enthusiastic about sharing their narratives. Our participants come from every conceivable background—from students to professionals and retirees, all finding a common ground in their love for writing.

Why Join Us?

Embarking on a writing journey can be daunting – countless drafts, endless nights, and moments of doubt. Yet, in the end, you emerge with a piece of art, a story that is uniquely yours. So, where do you go from here?

Awarded in Prizes
Certificates Awarded
100 +
Words Submitted
100000 +

At the heart of the India Writing Project lies our commitment to inclusivity and cultural representation. We celebrate the richness of India’s linguistic and cultural diversity by encouraging submissions in English from every corner of the country. Our participants hail from remote towns and bustling metropolitan cities, each bringing their unique perspective and voice, enriching the national literary landscape.

We believe in the transformative power of writing. It is more than an art form—it is a means of personal expression, a way to challenge the status quo, and a method for societal improvement. The legacy of great writers who have influenced civilizations is not lost on us. From the philosophical musings of Rabindranath Tagore to the poignant narratives of R.K. Narayan, Indian writers have long shaped not just literary traditions but also the very fabric of social consciousness.

At India Writing Project, we believe that the act of participation itself is a victory. IWP encourages writers to compete not against each other, but against the limits of their creative potential. It is the effort, persistence, and courage to express oneself that we celebrate and reward.

What's in it for you?

Hone Your Craft

IWP provides an ideal environment for you to refine your writing skills. By offering feedback from esteemed judges, writing prompts, and exposure to diverse writing styles, we'll guide you on your path to becoming a better wordsmith.

Spotlight on Talent

This is your stage! IWP's creative writing quest is a golden opportunity to showcase your creativity to an extensive audience, elevating your work from your desk to the limelight. Who knows? Literary agents or publishers could be your next fans!

Prize-Winning Words

Here at the India Writing Project, we honor your talent with an array of rewards including enticing cash prizes, invaluable feedback, and publishing opportunities. It’s not just a competition; it's an investment in your literary journey.

Craft Your Portfolio

This isn't a fleeting event; it's a stepping stone towards building an impressive portfolio. It's a chance to create new literary masterpieces and gather the confidence to seize other writing opportunities that come your way.

Forge Literary Bonds

Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for the written word. Engage in thoughtful exchanges, gather inspiration, and create a nurturing writer's community that fuels your creativity.

Dare to Excel

IWP is more than a competition; it's a personal challenge. Dare to stretch your creative muscles, delve into unknown genres, and pit your skills against other gifted writers. This quest will nurture your distinctive voice and style, aiding your growth in the literary world.

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