About Us

"I write to discover what I know."
-Flannery O'Connor

A new writer emerges from their cocoon or shell every single day. A child who falling in love with likes of Roald Dahl or JK Rowling, a corporate employee escaping the hum drum of their monotonous lives through their penmanship of fantasies, a teenager finding themselves falling in love with their English classes, a mother journaling the many challenges in her life, or the classic – a poet born from an upending heartbreak.

We, at India Writing Project, are on a mission to not only discover these budding writers but also to provide a platform for India’s next generation of writers to safely submit their work and get rewarded in cash as well as recognition for it. As writers ourselves, we understand the difficulty of finding an unbiased platform that appreciates the process of writing, and the writing itself.

We’re a multi-faceted organization comprising of a variety of skilled individuals coming together with a single goal, bringing out the best of amateur writers pan India! We do not have any umbrella organization above us, and we aim to be a homegrown brand that authors across the country can depend on for a nonbiased yet inclusive program to help them achieve their own writing goals.

See you on the other side.

Why Participate?

The process of writing is tedious, yet beautiful. From countless iterations, corrections & countless to nights to days of introspections, feedback sessions and more. 

But after all of that, you come out with a masterpiece, something you can be extremely proud of. A piece of work that’s worthy of winning an award or two at the very least!

But where do you go from here?


“Should I participate in a contest?”
“How can I make money from my work?”
“How to gain exposure from my writing skills?”
“Will someone pay me to write for them?”

Here are some answers to your unyielding questions!:

Getting acknowledged for your writing (and your courage to put your writing out in the open) is paramount: entering a leading contest like “India Writing Project’s Creative Writing Competition” does just that. A Participation Certificate to recognize your talent and bravery is ideal to boost your confidence early in your writing career.

Winning an award is, undoubtedly considered to be, the ultimate recognition of one’s work! Irrespective of the genre one writes in, winning a contest and getting an award is public applause, a standing ovation if you will, for one’s writing.

Exposure is an author’s best friend, and what better way to gain exposure than have your winning entry published in national dailies like Hindustan Times or Mid-Day!

If your interest lies in earning through writing, as a primary or secondary income, participating in contests like “India Writing Project’s Creative Writing Competition” that offer cash prizes as rewards.

It may be so that your penultimate goal might be a book, column, or a blog, winning an award can help you gain credibility in not just the community of writers, but also across the public. Submitting your work and getting accolades for it can help in creating a reader base across social media channels as well!