A New Identity - Season 3 Bonus

- Ujjwala Kakarla

I felt the weather quite brumous Covered with a cloudy sky,

Lightning and thundering, the pluviophile

in me waited eagerly for those hidden drops, to feel that peaceful touch.

The drops that poured down happen to drench the dry pond I was sitting by. Still and all, I felt those drops too small to quench the thirst of the vast earth.

When I was pulled towards my inner desert, The misty sky, drizzling rain, drenching nature looked enchanting and pleasant to enjoy,

All of a sudden, this mesmerizing panorama became lacklustre and awful turning off my eyes.

Perhaps, the poem I penned to the clouds reached the sky above,

Turning streams into rivers and cities into valleys; The clouds seemed to reply with a drop at a time, descending behind the curtain of dark space.

They asked me, “Could you take out some time being off from work and home to just do something for yourself?”

I felt a shift of spiritual turbulence connecting with almost all my complexities and concerns.

Looking into my own feelings closer and deeper,

The rain drops that were hitting and wetting all around, Reflected some conditions that took me deeper,

to take a ride on every wave of life.

I felt those silly raindrops playing a dual role making me recall the blues and joys,

Opening a doorway into nature’s heart to re-join the creation.

I sensed,

It is from the clouds life comes forth that stimulated me, To retreat indoors and take a moment to think of myself, and nurture my soul to see nature with fresh eyes.

Truly, I did find a brand new identity,

To raise my communication to a higher level, Forgetting the world of entitlement to look for my own version of enlightenment.



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