Satisfaction Is Not Satisfying

-Pallavi Krishna Kasala

If the book of life was all about being happy,
and every page tasted like a vibrant candy.

If every chapter read of success stories,
and all its colors were a resemblance of myriad glories.

If love was all that prevailed,
and hatred none exhaled.

If happiness knew no boundaries,
and sorrows were drowned in the deepest of seas.

If being perfect was a potion to drink,
and imperfections would vanish in a blink.

If everyone was made of a heart as pure as gold,
and no sorrows and troubles to be sold.

If every job had an essence of desire,
and all void feelings were set to fire

If passion was met at every nook,
and purpose was defined like a trick in a book

If solitude knew no meaning,
and togetherness was all that was reigning

If eternity was to claim itself,
and scared of light death shut himself

If happiness is all about being loved
And rich is all about being successful

Would there really be happiness and joy?
Would there be peace and no cry?

Offer me no magical potion
I need the kind of happiness that makes me cross oceans
Offer me no riches
I need a mountain that makes me dig success

Because satisfaction is not satisfying

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